New Factory

Below are listed some of the startups we have been collaborated with and helped to start and grow their business.



Aarium enables different design events and retailers to build their own marketplace online with little to no effort.

Advant Games 

Advant Games is an agile development partner for lotteries and gaming operators that offers game development services, research & analysis services, and iGaming related software development.


Agendium builds simple and beautiful business collaboration tools for information workers. Professional services are digitized in three ways: giving new tools for efficient team work, enabling better customer collaboration and offering a platform for digital product creation.


Developing digital education games and content created based on local curriculum. Main area is now East Africa.


Celkee provides services that improve collaboration and make organisations’ tacit knowledge available for decision-making.

Chaos Architects 

Chaos is a network of people working to provide new ideas and solutions that surpass the ordinary as a response to the world and to make cities and architecture more sustainable.


CoreHW provides top quality RF/RFIC design services and IPs to our customers and deliver our promise.


Creetah develops a creative 3D bundle for primary education. It teaches children 3D modeling and basic principles of programming in a fun and intuitive way.


Online ordering platform that helps single and multi-location restaurants to offer branded online ordering from their website and Facebook page.


Our innovative team is a combination of different versatile backgrounds in Mobility focusing on Mobile Device Management and enterprise mobility from end user perspective.

Delta Cygni Labs 

Delta Cygni Labs develops advanced communication and interaction systems. Our product Pointr enables the next level of communication, unleashing the power of Augmented Reality for technical communication.

Digital Dogsitter 

An easy-to-use software that aims to cure dog separation anxiety.

Dimension X

Dimension X is next-generation production company, that offers regular video productions to companies. We create a program-format for the company to be distributed to different channels. Goal is to engage the customer and raise sales.

Dogs of Joy 

Dogs of Joy is a Finnish designed brand that aims to make only the best accessories for dogs and their humans.

Dreamloop Games 

Dreamloop Games is a Tampere, Finland-based PC game development studio, hard at work on upcoming management & turn-based combat game, Challengers of Khalea.

Ekin Labs 

Ekin Labs leverages the domestic connected devices by providing value added services built on top of ambient signals and the already deployed infrastructure.


Our online shop in China is waiting for your products. We will help you conquer the online Chinese market.


We produce groundbreaking information solutions for smartphones so your business can provide better customer service.


eXpedio develops new method and tool for automate business evaluation process to save time and money. The tool produces gap analysis and roadmap as output.

Fragment Productions 

Fragment Production Ltd. is a privately owned Finnish game studio, developing original IPs for PC and mobile platforms.


Framery is a pioneer and leading company in manufacturing and developing soundproof private spaces – and the only company in the market solely focused on making them. For important moments and thoughts, we need sound proof space to help us concentrate and communicate.


With the automated warehouse management system provided by Havamax we have managed to reduce errors, improve work efficiency and traceability of the goods, as well as to make the work more enjoyable in our factory.


Hiddme is an awesome marketing tool for brands. Hiddme marketing takes familiar elements from games and that's why it is so fun and effective.


Intopalo was founded in 2012 on a strong mobile product and software development expertise. Intopalo’s core business is providing highly efficient software operations for its customers.

Jalava Sensors 

Jalava Sensors Oy on suomalainen yritys, joka kehittää, markkinoi ja myy raskaan liikenteen kunnonhallintaan kehitettyjä järjestelmiä ja laitteita.


Jolla Ltd., the mobile company from Finland, is developing mobile devices and Sailfish OS, the independent mobile operating system.


Kallma’s focus in game development is in game design and graphics.

Kopla Games 

Fueled by a passion for action role-playing games, Kopla takes the long life-time and immersive experience of the genre and makes it accessible and appealing to a wide audience.

Kwork Innovations 

Kwork is the forerunner in plug-in architectures for different environment, with special focus on web platforms.


Lookby is a website that offers reading experiences, products and services that reader can directly pick online. Our platform can be used for many things, like as an interactive forum where fashion, beauty and lifestyle professionals can give readers advices.


Medikiddy is an online health record where you can maintain all your children’s health information in a secure and accessible place.

Namida Games 

Namida Diamond Factory Ltd. is a new game design company with a great vision.

Neuro event labs 

Neuro Event Labs help people suffering from epilepsy in getting best treatment by developing a scalable solution for registering data about patient’s seizures using video and other sensors.


Newelo is a Finnish mobile technology company that focuses on various work management services.


Newspek is a focused on building an article sharing web service that allows users to create topics of their interests and form micro-communities, where people can share articles, blogs etc. in the topics.


Creating a game studio that teaches valuable lessons while providing entertainment. A way to provide news and stories to the user, through fun games.


The core of Nosteco business is to help customers and partners to streamline and develop their operations in project management, management consulting, and IT system design.


NurseBuddy was created to provide the best system to help this ageing population and the best technology that companies can utilize in order to provide it.


Pianorobot is a mobile game for learning to play sheet music. The games gives you real feedback along with your own piano or keyboard.


Työt-palvelu on liikkuvalle henkilöstölle tehty mobiilisovellus.


Realin's software solutions integrate sensors to IP networks, manage and analyze sensor data, and create web applications.


Ride&Rent is offering ride sharing and peer to peer car rental service.


Zoi is a revolutionary running coach device and app that reveals the secrets of your running technique and tells you how to make it shine.


RYC offers companies and people a chance to rent vehicles and to rent out their own vehicles through RYC's mobile platform where person renting the car gets to decide the rental price.

Sampo Software 

Sampo Software designs and develops the newest 3D modelling and gesture recognition solutions, which are both simple to use and easy to customize.


If you’re living with diabetes, you know what it’s like trying to figure out why the blood glucose levels go up or down, or how you should eat before or after exercise.


Silverbucket is a SaaS-based tool for managing project portfolio allocations and forecasts.


SkillzzUp is a fast and easy to use software to assess and follow individual skill develoment in real time at any educational level.


Solutive helps put your data into use by making it visually appealing and instantly understandable.


Taplause is a feedback management app, a cloud solution for improving HR, restaurant, and recreational services.


Taplia on web-sovellusten ja -järjestelmien kehitykseen erikoistunut ohjelmistoalan yritys, joka on perustettu Tampereella.

Team Action Zone 

With ActionTrack you can design, create, and launch various outdoor or indoor experiences – using your own content and look & feel anywhere around the world!


TeamUp is an ad-free community of inspirators, their passionate fans, and supporting sponsors.


Trackinno is a service that makes managing your commonly used assets a breeze.


TreLab Ltd is a high-tech company, which has developed a wireless smart measurement solution (Smart Tags, Smart Data Mill).


Metsä kuvataan TRESTIMA® -mobiilisovelluksella. Kuvat siirtyvät automaattisesti TRESTIMA® -pilvipalveluun analysoitavaksi.


Varaani is an award-winning company that provides care-free personal cloud storage solutions that enable end users do nothing and save everything.


Wirepas is focused on providing the most reliable, optimized and scalable device connectivity to its customers.


Wolker is the first treadmill desk which provides also innovative chair solution. A sit-to-walk-workstation supports the well-being and efficiency in work and prevents the health problems cause by prolonged sitting.


Yousician is a music education company with a relentless drive that aims to change the way people learn to play musical instruments.