New Factory in Aamulehti

Read a true story behind New Factory and Demola in the newest Aamulehti issue! “New Factory consists of two main engine rooms…” – startups, projects, success stories, testimonials and many other inspiring facts to be found in the article.

New Factory Open 2016

New Factory Open 2016 is an innovation event that aims to open its doors to 500 participants! The theme of this year is “Turning Ideas Into Concrete Actions!”

Beyond Demola – mini web series

“Beyond Demola” – a set of mini web series dedicated to the life inside our community. The project team has been sneaking around with camera capturing most interesting and intriguing moments of Demola milestones, facilitator activities and teams’ work.

Demola Summer 2016 – Call for Projects open

Demola Summer is the way to get your project done during summertime. When normal Demola projects are based on licensing model and part-time work, in Demola Summer experienced Demola team members work full-time during whole summer, and the results belong to the project partner.