Lean Startup Belt

New Factory Enters the Smart Wearable Market with Lean Startup Belt

Tampere, Finland | April 1, 2016


New Factory Ltd. announces today the worldwide release of Lean Startup Belt, the world’s first wearable product that combines health improving and business development supporting features in a stylish package to bring users the next level of self-improvement.

New revolutionary belt provides quick help for entrepreneurs struggling with challenges related to business development. Moreover, the belt has significant health benefits when regular use of the belt is combined with simple physical exercises.

“We have been intensively working with startups as well as established enterprises for over ten years and seen all the challenges they face while trying to reach the product-market-fit and scalable and repeatable business model. Few years ago we started to think that there must be a more concrete way to help entrepreneurs than the traditional innovation tools”, says Yucca Matthews, Chief Innovation Officer of New Factory. “Luckily we met both the scientists and the investors who helped us to make our vision come true”.

The Lean Startup Belt utilizes the latest scientific findings of the interrelated and complex functionality of human mind and body. The revolutionary insight is that slimming stimulation around waste can be connect to brain waves thus creating the mindset needed for lean business development.

“According to the biopsychosocial paradigm, which supersedes the older biomedical model, there is no radical separation between mind and body because of neurological networks of communication that exist between the brain and metabolic, endocrine and immune systems,” says Kim O. Rohn, Professor of Neuroscience at Protomolowski University (Finlayson, Minnesota, USA).

Besides stimulating the particular certain areas of the brain, the Lean Startup Belt maintains the stress hormones at an optimal level for business performance.

In New Factory Open on May 26th it is possible to meet the developers of the belt, test and purchase it with discounted price.

“How often do you get a chance to talk to the scientists and developers who stand behind the world’s greatest innovations? 26th of May is your extraordinary opportunity to meet the inventors of Lean Startup Belt. Join the showroom of NFO 2016 and check out the new groundbreaking product.” says Aino Nesterenko, producer of New Factory Open and Lean Startup Belt marketing manager.